Monday, June 08, 2020

My Music Monday

I have decided not to do a protest song theme for the rest of the month. I also fought the urge to do a racial integration theme as well. 

So, there is no theme, so we shall see what the month brings. 

Neil Finn has a new song out. For a while, he was doing a daily live performance on line during everyone's lockdown. I'm not 100% sure those are still going on, but if so interested, a quick Facebook search would find them. 

His new song, "Find Your Way Back Home" is a benefit for the Auckland City Mission, in their efforts to reduce and eliminate homelessness. 

The song is good, but honestly, it would be better if it were left as a Neil Finn song. 

4/6ths of the current Fleetwood Mac line-up (which now includes Finn) appears on this song. Mike Campbell on guitars, Stevie Nicks on vocals and Christine McVie doing backing ones. 

First off - the guitars could be anyones. Campbell doesn't bring anything special to the song. McVie, you gotta REALLY want to hear her contribution, as she is so low in the mix. 

.....and then there is Stevie.  {sad sigh}

Talk about bringing nothing to the song. Yikes. 

In their extensive 1+ year tour, Nicks and her ego inserted herself into everything, including making Finn's only two contributions on the tour duets.........because lord knows, she thinks I HAD to hear her sing on "I Got You" or "Don't Dream it's Over".  

I won't go as so far as to say she takes away from the song, but it's one thing to sing a verse, but if you're going to harmonize, which back in the day Nicks was great at, then at least attempt a harmony. 

Vocal limitations make that impossible. 

While I don't think this iteration of Fleetwood Mac will actually ever make an album, this might be the closest thing one gets to it. We may have dodged a bullet. 

But always looking forward to a new Finn disk. 


Ur-spo said...

I like this one very much; thank you.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Corey Hart has re-recorded one of his hits , not Sunglasses but still worth a listen!