Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dance the Night Away

Hopefully you can see the pic next to this writing. 

I have zero idea who the guy who lives in downtown Cleveland is, but if I weren't married, I might ring his buzzer. 

....and that may, or may not, be a euphemism. 

It's a tough pic to see, even in that size, so for those with less than stellar sight (me!), there is a guy who lives at this apartment building who is a BLOTUS supporter. A 2020 banner hangs semi-firmly against his window. 

He is not the won I want to buzz. 

That would be the guy who lives a floor directly above that dickweed. 

My would be guy has another sign: if you Venmo him $$$, he will tap dance at midnight. 

I mean, what is NOT to love about the entire thing. 

Well, his across the way neighbor snapped the pic, posted it and viral it went. 

As of last Friday, the dude got Venmo'd $25 large!   That's $25,000 !!!!

.......and was sent a pair of tap shoes. 

( cannot tell if the below embedded video will work or not. If not, click here.)

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Special thanks to Kelleigh and Jude and the Tappers

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And all the money went to the ACLU. 

All of this, is just brilliant. 

Song by: Van Halen


James Dwight Williamson said...

I could tap that in a minute, How hot can one man be! If you ring his buzzer take pix. 😊

anne marie in philly said...

so many ignorant dumptards!
and yet so many intelligent people that MUST VOTE on 11/3!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! And quite tappable.