Wednesday, June 24, 2020

So Fresh, So Clean

I know businesses are opening back up, and for the most part, I'm not participating in any of that. 

Save one. 

Monday, I went to the dentist. 

It wan't an emergency, just a regularly scheduled cleaning and bite wings. 

As much as I loathe the dentist and Covid wold have been a legitimate cancel reason, I know me. Miss once, which turns into twice, which turns into forever. 

And I never did get that periodontist to reschedule my post-surgery visit. I felt someone had to look at the graft and see if it's taking. 

They delayed my visit by 15 minutes, so I'd be the only patient there and things would be clean. I got a nifty pair of glasses. 

I wasn't quite as worried about said dentist, as they aways wear masks, gloves and face shields on their regular work days. 

But they hyrdo-scrape (or whatever it is called) was a non-part of the visit. You know, water particles hitting your mouth and then flying everywhere. That was a non-starter, for everyone. 

That also meant the archaic method of cleaning teeth - the scrape, pick, poke and prod. I'm not a fan of the water method either, but this one was painful. Literally. 

For like the third visit in a row, I got the 'you need to floss' speech. I had to stop the hygeniest and say: "I floss every single day", which is not a lie. 

Then she asked how long it had been since my last cleaning.  "ummm....6 clockwork". 

She seemed to think my tartar build up was especially bad, so............yay?  I'm going with it being Covid Stress Related Tartar.  It'll be a thing with the ICD-11s, I just know it. 

There was lot of blood. There was soreness. There still is. 

We will see how it goes again in six months. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Due diligence, so many people are seeking emergency care only . I guess you are a brave man ,interesting to think they have canned the ultrasonic scaler. Good for six months. You tap danced right through it!