Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

Our long weekend get away has been faboo. 

Originally, the trip was planned for April, for 710's birthday, but then, The Covid hit. The park was shut down. Given we had a tough to come by pet friendly cabin, they were great enough just to move the dates for me. 

So we were at a state park. Lots and lots of land and a big ass lake. Horses too. Golf course, etc. This was new to us, we've never been or tried to go. But 710 wanted a trip with the dog in tow, and I was determined to make it happen. So I did. 

The original plan was to surprise him - not with the cabin - was to have friends join on the second day, with food and cake, etc. Clearly, that did not happen. And even before that, I opted not for a surprise, as, well, no one really likes those. 

As it turns out, a two month delay didn't quell the enthusiasm for attendance. One afternoon, we hung out, talked and had a drink or two. We all discussed masks or no.  Two people fully quarantined before this, three others when not have been mindful and two of us get our temps checked daily when going into a hospital. We felt fairly ok with, though we were somewhat distanced. Not 6', but not too too close. 

These are people - some of the VERY few - who get hugs and kisses from me. It was tough not being able to do that. 

The cabin is nice, but you know, it's a cabin. I swore it said it slept 10, but even if using the couch, you might get seven.  

Shep's lower bunk you see is one of four. I took another. The main bedroom is a double. A DOUBLE. I'm good with a queen, but two of us, and possibly Shep, would never fit in a double. So for the first time in a long long long time, 710 and I slept apart. I though the dog would sleep with him, but he hung with me.

We've been hiking, swimming, dog parking and generally just been relaxing. We are all exhausted, yet in a good way. 

Mike, whom you've about here ALL too often, texted and seem worried we were 'camping'.  I can't go that far:  there were no tents, sleeping bags, s'mores, or Coleman lanterns. We had running water - but hot and cold. 

We'd do this again sometime. 

Song by: Barbara Mandrell (ok, I don't own the song, fit)


anne marie in philly said...

shep looks VERY comfy on that bed!

Ur-spo said...

I can see why you would do this again - what a lovely setting.

The Cool Cookie said...

Ah Cambridge, Gateway to Adventure!

James Dwight Williamson said...

No matter how much you love your companion , it always feels good when the dog chooses you!