Tuesday, November 12, 2019

the Challenge

Sometimes it all comes back to Seinfeld.

That show about 'nothing' that somehow is something when it comes to occurrences you encounter.

I have no songs with the word 'contest' in it, but I'm hedging my bets you've all seen the Seinfeld episode called, "the Contest".

If not - the short description is: four friends bet on who can hold out longest without masturbating.

Someone didn't get the normal Movember memo - about growing a moustache, which somehow equates to men's health.  I have a moustache, attached to a beard, so that's not happening.

But neither is this next November movement:  No Nut November.

Like 'the Contest' the short description is fairly short:  no getting off.......all month.

Truth be told, days ago, when drafting this, I was winning this contest. Crushing it, in fact.

But that was days - or two weeks ago. Yes, I'm pre-drafting / publishing some posts.  So, it's possible I'm still winning........though most of you would say I'm "losing".

Honestly, I'm loving the third bullet point.  Like one can control their nocturnal emissions. And oh - I'm not 14........so..........I'm pretty sure that one doesn't apply to me.  AND - sorry, no nut means no nut.  I would say, even a wet dream disqualifies you.

There is (or was?) a kickstarter campaign for a trophy. When last looked, they raised $101 of $22,000 !!!  That has to be some trophy........though I'm sure whomever did it was just taking the money and running.

Clearly, this is a millennial's doing.  I'm fifty fucking six years old. Should the opportunity for sex come my way, (yes, I just said that), contest or no contest, I'm taking my shot (yes, I said that too).

Song by: Christine McVie

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