Thursday, November 28, 2019

I Fall to Pieces

Actually, I do NOT want a piece of you.

Besides the no dessert thing - and yes, it's still a thing - I am no fan of pumpkin anything, including the pie. 

There isn't enough whipped cream in the world for that.

For one brief, unfulfilling moment, I went off my diet in San Francisco.  One mediocre cream puff. Blech.  Oh, and beer. None of those were mediocre.......or just one.

I'm still down almost 12 lbs, but have another six to go. It's all been slower now, but that's ok, as it's not going the other direction.

Nor will it today. I never overdo it on this day, as I find most of the traditional offerings to be.......bland. At best.

Last year we were in Paris for this day. We had a make-up session with my mom, which would be her last Thanksgiving. So this year, we are having it with on of my sisters and her family.

At my father's 90th birthday party, by the time we sat down to eat, all the tables were pretty much filled, leaving 710, my sister and her husband alone at one table.  As I looked around the room, I just said to all, "I think we can pretty much agree, after they're both gone, "this" will be our holiday group?".  I got nods all around.

Whether that remains to be true, we will see. But for the first year, it seems to be holding water.

So tonight we will break bread - that I will have hopefully baked! - with a small group that will consist of seven. Maybe it's a new tradition, possibly not. 

Actually, I'm ok spending every Thanksgiving in Paris.

But to all of you - thanks for coming by, as you do so often. Thanks to my friends - real and imagined. And enjoy your day, your meal, your long weekend.

Song by: Patsy Cline


anne marie in philly said...

I love pasty cline.
I h8 the traditional offerings of the day; spouse and I are going out for japanese food later.
4 days weekend for us.

Travel said...

Relax and enjoy the day

Ur-spo said...

By skipping dinner today I feel good to avoid 3000-4000 calories
I am thank full for knowing you.