Friday, November 29, 2019


I'm sure this post will incite more abuse, we go............

Over the last week or two, someone - I'm assuming a guy - has been playing fast and loose in my comment section.

I'm sure it will continue, only for the fact that I've given "him" recognition.

This is, and is not, that.

There is no real way for me to let you know this without involving "him" at some point. This is that point.

The comments being left are either anonymous or under names of other commenters and other bloggers - trying to represent them (i.e. youz guyz) .

"He" has even tried to post comments as myself.  "He" seems obsessed with someone's tits. This might be heartbreaking to "him", but I have never even bothered to Gooooooogle the person to which "he" has referred, so those constant references fall flat.

If "he" is her PR hack, "he" is doing a horrible job. No one who visits my blog cares about female boobage.

I suppose it must be nice to have that kind of free time. The kind where you have literally nothing else to do with your life other than troll some mediocre blog to leave random comments under other people's name.

Hell - start your own mediocre blog with your own made up name. I did. And it's free.

Or I dunno, go help the homeless, volunteer with the elderly, help socialize adoptable animals or solve world hunger.

Should you be unable to do that, then by all means, feel free to write away here,  knowing that just minutes or hours after you leave said messages, I'll delete them forever. You'll be as forgettable as that person's tits about which you keep talking.

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Anonymous said...

Don’t google that person. As you probably know, most of the top googled people have malware attached to the pics that can download just by opening the site - no downloading of the pic needed.

Also, about your post yesterday. After you’ve eliminated foods from your diet, or as in your case sugar, they don’t taste as good as they used too. That donut wasn’t “not worth it” because it was a bad donut, it’s because you’ve lost the taste for sugar. However, the more you test this or have cheat days, the better the foods will begin to taste and your craving will increase. Keep up the great work.

Ur-spo said...

oh the pain of this.
good luck