Monday, November 25, 2019

My Music Monday

The last of the unplugged series.  Man, there is tons out there that I don't think anyone truly wants to hear anymore - or for a longer while.

Love the Nirvana 1993 (!), but as always, MTV over did it and my interested waned.  Big time.  Ditto with 10,000 Maniacs and Stone Temple Pilots.   ....and Clapton.

There are European versions too - hence the a-ha one from the other week. That is where I'm getting the David Gilmore one from this week.

I'm not the biggest fan of Pink Floyd. Sure, I joined the masses and bought the Wall, because it was high school and I felt the need. And I'm one of the 277 people in the world who have never owned a copy of Dark Side of the Moon.  I know, right?

The band clearly has their moments - some of the Roger Waters ones, some of the from David Gilmore. The latter gets a lifetime pass for helping discover or early on promote Kate Bush.

Of all of the Floyd songs out there, "Wish You Were Here" is arguably their best. And it's a Gilmore one. It pulls off very nicely in a stripped down setting.

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