Monday, November 18, 2019

My Music Monday

Unplugged / Stripped down / Acoustic............or along those lines.  Such is this month's 'theme'.

I love R.E.M..  Well, up to a certain point. After Bill Berry's aneurysm and subsequent retirement, I hung in there with the band for a few more albums, and then......well.........I didn't.

While you don't know it - I had this post drafted and started over almost from scratch, because I changed the song. Not the band, just the song.

I had "World Leader Pretend" queued up, as it is probably (?) my favourite R.E.M. song. But I know I can get lost in the weeds with these things, and I want my readership to get something out of their experience here.

Sometimes having a known song isn't such a bad thing. It can be new to some, or rediscovered by others. So yes, I'm going with arguably, the band's best known song, "Losing My Religion".

And I do love this song too. In almost 30 years (1991!), the song has not gotten old for me, and the original video still ranks (to me) in the top 10 videos ever done.

I think the mark of a good song is when they can strip it down and it still has the elements of good music, instead of snazzy production. The band achieves that with a live version back from 1991.

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