Saturday, November 09, 2019

An Olive Grove Facing the Sea

Just a quick post for all you dog and cat lovers.

Shep loves his greens. Every day. 

Shep looking at me looking at the rendering of my parent's headstone. 

Sophie over a radiator.  She'll stop at nothing to be warm. 

Three bassets ignoring each other. 
That FB Group ad lied. 

On a hike down by the Rocky River. 
Yes, he went in the water. 

And introducing Olive - my friend, Chef Bob's new black lab. 
She is ever so friendly, and apparently, ever so destructive. 

Song by: Snow Patrol


anne marie in philly said...

new puppeh! and I don't blame sophie for wanting to stay warm.

Bob said...

A friendly destructive puppy?Who knew??

I love seeing the difference between the cats and dogs ....Shep off and running and Sophie perched in a warm spot!

Ur-spo said...

Good for Sophie! I guess she will be there often now the winter approaches.