Saturday, November 23, 2019

Close to You

It seemed to be closeness week in the household.  I can live with that.

the two hanging with Mr. Fox. 

Shep's non-verbal response to the question, "dinner?"

Duo nap time. 
They alternate use of the chair and ottoman. 

Chunky Cat. 

....and then together on the sofa. 

Song by: the Carpenters


Raybeard said...

While Shep gives off an attitude which accepts whatever life gives him Sophie's look always seems to say "Look what I've got to put up with!"

Blobby said...

ok, i'm deleting some comments here including ones that are allegedly by me, but they are not. Frickin bots or something.

Blobby said...

if it doesn't have my pic and hyperlink, it's not me.

Ur-spo said...

I recognize that universal dog head 45 degree tilt. It works.