Friday, July 05, 2019

Here for the Party

Yesterday was our 14th (!) neighborhood 4th parade and pic-a-nic.

This time though, newer neighbors took over the festivities. And these neighbors, on the house.

The house is one of the oldest in the hood, and where they filmed part of Captain America: Winter Solider.

The house had been on the market for over eight years before the current couple purchased it. Three years, and I'm guessing millions of dollars later (no lie!), they finally finished the renovation. It looks nice.

They added this pool. And a pool house. Let's just say, their pool house is nicer than our actual house. Their outdoor kitchen is way more up to date than our indoor one. I have no idea what it would be like to drop that kind of dough on a renovation.

I love for this party the owner went to Costco......................and purchased 100 chairs.  100 hundred fucking chairs.  Decent ones too. And they have a place to store them.

The kids went in the pool.  Not our kids........since we have none. Adults were allowed too, but I like my neighbors, but never enough for them to see me shirtless.

As it was wicked hot, the best side I could do was caprese skewers: tomato.mozzarella.basil.tomato. Oh, and balsamic to drizzle over it.  They probably would have been better had the skies not opened up and poured.  It was so incredibly hot, I didn't care.........I stood out in the rain and just let it happen. I'm sure the hosts didn't want dozens of soaked neighbors traipsing through their house......or even pool house. Or tea house. Yes, they have one of those too.

Then it was home for a quick nap and then a hike with the Shepster.

I hope you had a nice day off as well.  Assuming you had the day off.

Song by: Gretchen Wilson


anne marie in philly said...

too damn hot/humid/bad air quality in philly yesterday.

I fired up the george foreman grill for burgers in the air conditioned house.

and we didn't watch the orange shitstain's show.

Ur-spo said...

I had the day off; I appreciated it.