Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Friday's celebration for my mother went well..........if I say so myself.  But I did hear nice words about it from others, so I don't think it was just me.

Miraculously, I nailed the headcount. I'm guessing we had between 100-110. We had room for 120. 

There were former neighbors (well to me) who showed, including one half of a couple, whom was told me to years ago, had died. Clearly I was given #fakenews. I considered telling them that story, but opted to just not. More than a few folks from the law school where my mother worked attended.  Most of them pulling me aside to tell me nice stories of their working relationship. 

There was family from both my father's and mother's side in attendance. Lots of cousins. And family friends. On average, I probably got to visit with each person for about 32 seconds each. 

The food and flowers could not have turned out any better. Mind you, I kept trying to eat, but understandably was interrupted by well-meaning folks who wanted to talk about my mother. Part of my job was to do just that. I did, however, always have a drink in my hand.!  And I kept checking to make sure that club operations was doing ok. 

The tributes turned out fairly well. There were four speakers in all - myself included. While I got compliments, I know mine started a little rough, but I finally found my stride and think it went well. 

710 had a scathingly brilliant idea a few days prior to the event, and it was flower seeds. 

My mother was an avid gardener. He thought it would be nice to order enough seeds for people to take and plant in her memory. Ironically, she was more of plants person than flowers, but the sentiment was there.  We had 100 flower packs in a basket and not one was left at the end of the event, which was very heart warming. 

It is a great wrap-up to all that has gone on in the last few weeks. It's nice to know my mother made an impact on lives outside of her kids and husband. All of that is a nice feeling with which to be left. 

Song by: Tears for Fears


anne marie in philly said...

that was a great idea on 710's part! glad it went well. and you probably learned things about your mom that you didn't know already.

Bos Guy said...

Congratulations on pulling off the celebration of your Mom. I'm sure everyone who attended appreciated the opportunity.

Ur-spo said...

this was a tender and lovely post; thank you for sharing this.