Tuesday, July 23, 2019


How much more can I milk my mother's death for a blog post.

I'm gonna see how far I can stretch this sucker.

Last night, my cousin Billy texts a seemingly simple message:

"How's life?"

....and we'll let the below image take it from there.  Before you you read, Billy lives in the Pacific North West, so no longer local.

One might find Billy's .gif comment crass.  Blobby is not one of these people. I literally laughed out loud. Not figuratively.

Billy can be perfectly inappropriate, which is category in which I'd like to place myself.

And to be fair, Billy is correct. I then searched for a good - or any - dead mother .gifs, and all I found was the one you see as the title image. There's an untapped market there that probably cannot be monetized.

I certainly didn't mean to exclude Billy or some of the cousins. Half are west coasters and while I'm sure they'd share their condolences, I just felt odd about keeping having to repeat the story. I kept feeling like Jackie in that one episode of Roseanne.

I know I'll miss my mother, but I also know that laughing isn't a bad thing.  Lots of people made me laugh last Friday and I them. Billy made me laugh last night, and he will for years to come. I hope it's not all about my mother.  .....but one can never be sure.

Song by: Pixies

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