Sunday, July 28, 2019

Black Nail

What is life, without whimsy?,  I say.

I love the way my feet look after a pedicure, but I can't say I adore the process. Though on record, the uneasiness is totally worth the outcome.

My feet are mangled enough that I don't go for the cheapest thing they have on the foot menu. I suppose I could if I went more often, but my visits are extremely sporadic.

No matter what level of service you get, "you" get a clear coat at the end. I have always declined it, as usually I'm ready to move on and go. But last time I realized they offer men the clear coat.........and the women get nail polish (though I assume they can opt for the clear version).

Fuck it......I said to myself.  I'm paying for something I'm not getting. And I think we all know how cheap I can be. So this last time, Rebecca, my nail technician, asked if I wanted clear coat. I declined.

I know!  You're like......"but you just said..........".

I asked Rebecca to pain my nails black.

So she did,

In a way, it felt rebellious. In another........not so much.

Mike - you know him, right? - though my sister's feet looked hairy.  Ohhh......that Mike.  I mean, they might be, I've never seen.

I got home and kicked off my shoes.

The black doesn't make me look as goth or bad-ass as I thought it might, It actually makes me feel feminine less masculine.

I know that last part isn't technically true (yes, have at it with the jokes!), but connotations being what they are, can be embedded into one's psyche. I mean, in this pic, the crossing of the legs at the ankles is helping nothing in the he-man, woman-hating department.

We'll see how it goes.'s day three.........710 hasn't even noticed. 

Song by: Mark Lowe


Deedles said...

Black is a cliché bad ass color. Now, hot pink or devil red are true statement colors (I have no idea what I'm talking about)! Hot pink probably would be noticed. You have interesting feet, by the way.

anne marie in philly said...


yes, we women can get "clear coat". remember the time spo went 1/2 red sparkle, 1/2 green sparkle? I'd go with deedles suggestion next time - jungle red or hot pink.

anne marie in philly said...

PS - I would have picked "paint it black" for the post title.

Travel said...

The last line is the kicker

Ur-spo said...

I like them too.