Friday, July 26, 2019

Gonna Fly Now

Honestly, I had something else in my head to post, and then, well.......Blotus.

J. F. C.  x like 10,000

The word 'pandering' came to mind. Like immediately.

I opted not to post about this days ago when Kanye and big-assed, talentless, amateur sex taped wife appealed to BLOTUS and he took the bait, hook(er), line and sinker.

First, kudos to A Dollar Sign AP Rocky, a 5th rate rapper who is getting his name in all the papers for potentially assaulting someone in Sweden. Sweden has no bail, so in jail he sits.

That is until BLOAT called Sweden's guy and said he'd 'vouch' for him. While, unlike our current administration, Sweden's prime minister (? ) /  President (?) lets the justice system take care of such issues and does not yield it's influence.   I'm guessing that went right over BLOTUS's head.

Still - this POS person couldn't vouch for a turn in a port--john, but he says Rocky isn't a flight risk, bur in the next breath says he's never met him. he know??

But the headline statement!!!!   Totally pandering to the black community. He cares about their votes, but not them, so he'll do what he has to try to sway them like he's duped the rest of the country.

I'm concerned that Kim and Kanye has a little too much influence in the oval office - not that I should be surprised. But all this fuss over a nobody.

I know A$AP is, at best, 5th rate, is that any other putz would have translated this into sales. But 5 days in, and a quick look at iTunes shows nothing in the top 200. Even Hootie and the Blowfish' s greatest hits, which is 15 years old is in that bucket and has better sales.

Even a 3rd rate rapper could have been more successful.

I'd love to know if African-American community is on board with the artificial reach out to them.

Song by: Bill Conti

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anne marie in philly said...

never heard of this dude; sweden basically told the dump to FOAD; and kimye can also FOAD - useless blobs of plastic!