Saturday, July 06, 2019

Wipe Out

Long weekend for Shep and his dads. Though to be fair, most of these were taken before the holiday weekend.

Our first 2019 trip to Bow Wow Beach.  Shep had SO much fun. 

If dogs went too far out - since he refuses to swim - he'd bark at them. 
Total buzzkill. 

Wiped Out. 
Sophie, Mr. Fox and Sebastian supervises. 

Hyper-excited to see me at daycare pick-up. 

Sheps first visit with Boomer in maybe a year. 
Everything went well. 

But for the real week's news: 

Dith and Norman have a new family member!!!!

Pickles (well, it is a working name).
He is just slightly smaller than Rollo. 

Classic Pickles. 
Slut for attention, already. 

I cannot wait to meet him.

Song by: the Safaris


anne marie in philly said...

it's surfaris, dear. and welcome pickles! bow wow beach does look like fun.

Bob said...

An exhausted dog is adog that's had the best day ever!

Deedles said...

That stinkin' song is going to be in my head all day now! Shep should really learn to swim. That tail is a natural rudder! I have a bad case of insta-love for Pickles.

Raybeard said...

All rest and play (with no work!)......and then more rest.

Ur-spo said...

the excited close up of S was the best