Sunday, July 07, 2019

All Star

There are about three people who read my blog who know what baseball is - so I guess, this is for them.

The 2019 MLB All Star Game is being held here in the 216.  I'm hoping it is more successful than the 2016 GOP convention.

I honestly haven't looked at how often the hosting city rotates, but we had gotten a turn in 1997 and this year. twice in 22 years.  There are 30 MLB teams, so someone's not getting theirs.

I have no tickets to the game, nor the pre-festivities, though I always like the Home Run Derby. I did make it down to the team shoppe and get two new Indians / All Star t-shirts.  The ones I've been hauling around for 2+ decades have seen their better days. I hate to part with them, but it is time. And yes, one of them does have the official logo you see above.

So, should the weather hold, or even if not, a game like this is boon to the city. And I'm for anything that gives the CLE more / better exposure...........unless it's another GOP convention.

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i know exactly what baseball is. It's the white-ball game with the sticks.