Wednesday, July 03, 2019


I am going to break Blobbysblog protocol and use the last name of the first daughter.  Tiffany does not count. She never has. She never will.  I hope Marla has set that expectation, because if not, she's in for a rude(r) awakening.

There is a reason for invoking the name "Ivanka Trump", but not three times, because we don't need a Beetlejism situation with her.   (and honestly, how fucking stupid of a first name is that?  Tiff, you got off easy.)

Years from now, when her kids Netscape her name, they get to see that she was (and I'll assume in the future, still is) a Feckless Cunt.

They'll get to see how MILLIONS of people hated her. It won't be like school when mean girl Sydney (or some such nonsense name) disliked you for a few weeks and got her friends to join along.  No, read it again:  MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HATE(D) IVANKA TRUMP.......your mother!

So you Trump-Kushner birth defects (I'm assuming you're reading this years from now), Al Gore's Internets® got together, and we all made fun of your mommy.  Psssst.....that's the lady who paid the person who raised you.

Since Ivanka is such a horrible horrible person who goes wherever she's not needed, wanted or invited, here are a few examples throughout history.

She might have ruined the Muppets for me.  Forever. 

one of my faves. 

the bored disaffected 'tude is exactly how I feel about her.
Of course, this situation probably hits very very close to her home. 

my ABSOLUTE favourite.

Song by: Alanis Morisette 


Raybeard said...

And I shouldn't be surprised to learn that she was standing on the grassy knoll when it happened. As omnipresent GOD herself!

Blobby said...

I so need to get and learn photoshop. probably a good thing I don't have it, I'd have been doing NOTHING but shit like this for the last 3 days.

anne marie in philly said...

I saw some of these on JMG, but NOT john & yoko, casablanca, the ronettes, and american gothic.

the people that think this cunt "works" and has a brain are delusional. she and hubby will wind up in jail with daddy and her bros for crimes against the country.

Bob said...

Funny, cuz it's true.

Deedles said...

That Grant Wood one is downright creepy!