Saturday, July 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 112th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

05:50.  Dishes have to be done before the cleaning lady comes. 
Crazy, right?

06:10.  Brushing before showing and shaving. 

07:30.  B'fast. Bagel and tea.  I'm a champion. 

09:05.  At a random workstation at another building taking a conference call about controlled substances.

10:15.  Heading back to my office building. 

10:25.  Bruised Fruit. 
It still tasted good. 

15:50.  Florist. 
Picking flowers for my mother's celebration of life, which is next week. 

16:10.  It made me chuckle.  Inside. Where it counts. 

16:35.  Picking up the pooch.  
He's very excited.  Very very excited. 

17:25.  Sophie in "my spot".  The nerve. 

19:30.  Starting dinner.  Stir Fry. 

20:45.   Meh. 
Retirement cake from 710's job.  Not worth the calories. 

There you have it folks.  #112 on the books.


anne marie in philly said...

710 retired? or someone else?

sophie is keeping your spot warm.

you went to panera bread for b'fast.

sundays are better at baskin/robbins PERIOD! no stupid church can compete with rum raisin ice cream!

and YOWZA! pix #2!

Old Lurker said...

Your spot? YOUR spot?! I don't think you understand how this dominance hierarchy works.

Ur-spo said...

Enjoyable as always