Monday, May 09, 2016

My Music Monday

Cars is this month's theme - thanks to Erik.

There is no shortage of songs in my music liberry about cars - in general or more specific.

I'm going general today.

Somewhere between the Sweeney Sisters and Glee, the mash-up just kind of petered least for the most part.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Depeche Mode made an attempt back in 1988. Their song "Behind the Wheel" became a single with the flip side being a non-album cover of Bobby Troupe's "Route 66".  When Warner Bros / Sire decided to compilation Just Say Yo, they mashed them together. And it was an excellent job.

If I went up into the attic, I feel that I might have the 12" version of it also. I was way into Depeche Mode and 12" remixes back in the 80s.

Being that it was the 80s....and it was a remix....there are 183 variations of the song out there (think of the 71 versions of New Order's "Blue Monday" or "Bizarre Love Triangle").  So while the video version says "rare mix"....that means little.

When I do just hear "Behind the Wheel", it's hard for me not to interject the "Route 66"parts.


Fearsome Beard said...

I've always loved this one. I have it on cassette, haven't played that cassette in years but I have it.

Erik Rubright said...

Is it weird that I don't recall ever hearing the mashup before?