Monday, May 30, 2016

My Music Monday

This is the last of the car-themed month. Erik finished his last Friday.

Last week I said I wasn't going to use (another) Blondie song, because I do use a lot of their music. But they're good. Sue me.

It's car "themed". I'm not fudging the category, but I am being creative.

"Europa" is the opening track from their 1980 masterpiece (and I don't use that word lightly), Autoamerican.

Blondie has always been inventive, rarely sticking to a single style and they didn't with this disk. Or with this song. And it was bold - I thought - to open their album with a mostly instrumental track.

I know. You're going - "instrumental? how can that be car related??"

Well, I said "mostly". Though I can say there is no singing on the track. If you stay to the last 35 seconds of the song, you'll eventually know why.

It is possibly my favourite track on the album. Definitely top 3.

Even if there was no spoken word, the music to "Europa" itself is great. But I like the spoken word too.

No official video - but what are you gonna do?

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