Thursday, April 16, 2015

the Long Race

I see the news stories. I see the blog posts. I see the Facebook rants.   ......and I just don't care.

Presidential Election 2016.

First off, we are what - 10 months off from the first primary? 100 gaffes will happen between the candidates now and then. Fourteen dozen more candidates will declare before then. Call me when it starts to get real, because, regardless of what people say - save for the fundraising - it's not real. It never is.

All the newspapers talk about the candidates.......including people who haven't even officially declared.

None (or most) of the newspapers declared Teddy Cruz to be the first one with his name in the Goblet of Fire. He was #194.

Literally, there have been 193 people who have filed paperwork to run for president before Ted. Voices that will never be heard - and probably ones with less rhetoric, less lunacy, more logic and more viable ideas than what is presented before us by the almighty dollar and television coverage.

I get the announcing early as it brings in the big bucks - but it is all so tiresome.

And enough with the 'Washington outisder' shit.  Ted, Marc, Rand - you've been part of the system for a while now. You're fully ingrained in "playing politics". You're not an outsider. Your never really were.

There is a reason for separation of powers (not that you've played by those rules, mind you - nor have you done well within your own scope(s)). You can only facilitate so much change.

And when can we stop pretending like Iowa and New Hampshire matter?

I've said it before and will again - they have about a 50/50 shot of picking the nominee (either party) and less when it comes to the actual winner of the general election. They are not some great predictive modeler for elections. I suppose they bring the 'aw-shucks' to Americana folklore with their corn and maple syrup, but other than that, they don't have any more of a clue than the rest of the country. Maybe someone can get the a Ouija board for one or their folksy town hall meetings.

Yes, all the major media outlets are doing the 'front runners', but that means little at this stage of the game.  Cruz is a 'front runner' because, well he filed "first". But in reality, in the list of potential candidates, his poll numbers run in single digits. Single-fucking-digits - and he's a 'front runner'.

Ask Howard Dean how it feels to be the 'front runner'.  Ask Mike Huckabee. Ask Rick Frothy Mix Santorum....or Tom Harkin or Dick Gephardt.

Better yet, ask Wikipedia because in a generation's time, no one will remember any one of their names.

So, while I am pleased Hillary is running, excuse me if I don't change my Facebook profile pic to her campaign poster. I really hope to g-d there is another viable Democratic candidate. There are too many eggs in one basket. It is dangerous. At least the GOP spreads the crazy around.

I will try to refrain about posting nasty things here until the time comes (though all bets are off when / if Ben Carson files). I'll wait for them all to shoot themselves (and each other) in the foot. Let's weed out the pack a little bit.

I get that by not posting things that the candidates get away with saying and doing stupid fucking shit, but I might have to let that go - though I reserve the right to change my mind on what I deem to be the really stupid fucking shit.

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anne marie in philly said...

I agree 11000%!

I let post the political batshit fuckery that is happening right now.

Bob said...

Well said.
The only true GOP outside, having never held political office, is Ben Carson, and he put the cray in crazy.

Mark in DE said...

I will probably not be able to watch the news for the next year and half because I, too, just can't bare all the election noise.

Ur-spo said...

My focus shall be on the ones already in office - what outrages are they doing.