Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Site of the Month

Can you believe I forgot a Site of the Month in March?

No worries - but you're not getting two as a make-up in April. I probably didn't do one, because I didn't have one. And chances of me having two are slim to none.

But April's SotM is a real game-changer. Nothing like this has ever existed before.

Google Maps.

I know - Google in the map business, who knew????

It is almost sure to beat out MapQuest in the business model of on-line map generation.

But mainly because MapQuest doesn't do it with...........motherfucking PacMan!!!!!!!

Yeah - that's right. You heard me.

And none of this crappy Ms. PacMan stuff either!

Below you have a nice lay out of part of Washington DC. Mind you, I'm not fond of downtown DC, but maybe Secret Service won't let you play on Constitution and Pennsylvania Ave.

Now here is the same streets in PacMan form. 

If you notice in the first image, now along with Street View, you have a PacMan view. Click on that, read the instructions as necessary and start playing.

This is not really intended for use to get to your destination in the shortest time or distance. Actually, not all streets or cities have this function.

My understanding is you can play in Central Park, but I couldn't get it to launch. Ditto with Lombard St. in San Francisco. I could get it to play in Cleveland, but figured you didn't really want to see a map of University Heights. I know I didn't.

So, now you have a way to waste a few hours of your day by playing your beloved 1980s arcade game from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.'re welcome.

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Bob said...

Playing on Lombard street is twisted. =)