Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Watching You Without Me

I find the title image amusing, as I assume sending out DVDs for viewing isn't even part of the Netflix business model anymore. I wouldn't really know, nor can I be bothered to look it up.

Even with our failed attempt at breaking the cable a few months ago, we, as a family, have stepped one more foot into the 21st century:  we got Netflix.

Well, we got it as a side note I suppose.

710 got it for his mother, who lives in a senior living center, so she could watch some shows that she cannot get via her iPad without some kind of service - be it Netflix or HuluPlus, etc. For like and extra $2 you got a second user  - which turns out to be us.

I thought the fourth season of Arrested Development would have pushed us to Netflix, though it did not. Nor did the buzz about House of Cards (though Kevin Spacey just fucking creeps me out) or Orange is the New Black.

I don't know I'm much for binge watching either. Perhaps on a rainy Sunday or something. Though it is easy to get wrapped up in a Law & Order marathon, but it does depend on which assistant D.A. it is for me to be compelled to do that.

Even that DVD of OitNB that I got from the liberry a few weeks ago went unwatched. I returned it without ever popping it in the DVD player.

The reality is, our DVR sits half full with stuff we've taped but will probably never watch. I mean, we finally watched the last two episodes of Downton Abbey this last weekend.  It really has become the Bold & the Beautiful: 1924. When will Lord Grantham just shove his tongue down Branson's throat already?

So we've had the service for two weeks. Number of shows or movies watched: 0.

This is not surprising to me.

However, the thing that might get me into it, will be the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  It is the new Tina Fey created / written show that NBC passed on.  ....I mean, it has Jenna Maroney and D'Fwan from 30 Rock / the Queen of Jordan.

Maybe we'll have a rainy Saturday or Sunday where we can breeze through those shows.

On the plus side, 710's mom is deep into House of Cards, so I'm thrilled she's using this to her advantage.

Song by:  Kate Bush


Bob said...

We don't NetFlix at Casa bob y Carlos because, oh who knows why, we just don't.

Jeffrey said...

We Netflix and amazon prime the hell outa some tv. the Big Bang Theory is the only network show we watch other than perry Mason (that Ham Burger! when will he ever win a case?), so we watch what we want to, when we want to.

Mark in DE said...

We used to have Netflix but cancelled it a few years ago. Their streaming library is mostly newer stuff I'm not interested in. The indy films and gay-themed films are only available on DVD through the mail. When they announced we'd have to pay for both streaming AND DVD through the mail we cancelled entirely.

Mereditty said...

House of Cards is worth the time. Doooo iiiit.

Erik Rubright said...

We cut the cable, or DirecTV a while ago. So we (read: the Husbear) Netflix and Amazon Prime. For everything else, I "borrow" it from the torrents. Until I can legally purchase it. Yeah, that's it.