Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Too Little Too Late

It is one of those days where I got nothing. Or next to nothing.

Writing an entry a day can be taxing. It's not the writing, it is the coming up with ideas.

I'm finding that with dinner too. I totally get where my mother is coming from when she says she doesn't mind cooking, she just hates trying to figure out what to make.

I'm right there. Sure, I can whip up any of a dozen stand-by things, but sometimes you want something different - you just don't know what. And there is planning to do - like shopping and prep time.

Though I did make another batch of chocolate chip cookies. I used a melon baller to measure out each scoop and I put fewer on each tray - and they came out perfectly. So, now I am a master baker, apparently.


March weather is improving in certain ways. We made it to 40F yesterday - first time in almost two months. Unfortunately, it came with freezing rain.

Poor Mr. Pete just slips and slides when he walks out to do #1 and / or 2. It's not even amusing to watch, it's actually a little distressing.

...and of course, it's going back down to 9F tomorrow, so that should fuck up enough things for a day or two.


Let's see - what else..........

My friend Jeremy is in DC for work. I've missed him a lot since he moved to Atlanta, but we chat almost every day, so I can thank Al Gore for inventing the internets for that.........and of course, porn.

Anyhoo - J-boy, is staying at the Hinkley Hilton (ewww). You know how there are always multiple events going on at these places - you know, like Jodi Foster Fan Club meetings. None of Jeremy's functions were there - just his temporary bed.

However, Emily's List was hosting some kind of event there (where according to the NYT, Hillary Clinton was speaking). Emily's List raises funds for pro-choice female candidates. They actually do good work (my opinion). But wherever they go, pro-lifers are right behind.

So as Jeremy is entering or exiting the building, the pro-lifers, ironically take no prisoners and assume that anyone at the hotel is associated with Emily's List and start yelling at and demeaning my friend.

Not that I need to worry about him - he's much quicker on his feet than I am (which is saying something) so he replies back for all to hear: "I wish your mothers were pro-choice!".

...and that is one of the reasons I love him.


Ok, that might be enough trivial stuff to get through this post. Now I have to start thinking about one for Wednesday.

Song by: Metric


Bob said...

I don't know Jeremy, but I think i like him!

Mark in DE said...

With or without the melon baller, I'm guessing you've been a master baker for many years now. ;-)