Monday, March 30, 2015

My Music Monday

I am so digging the new Brandon Flowers song, "Can't Deny My Love". After a few listens, I am really digging it.

In theory, I love Flowers and his band, the Killers. But in reality, they are spotty at best. The first two Killers albums were...well....killers. They were both great. Their third album had 2-3 good songs and the rest just fell away as not much to listen to.

And I wasn't much of a fan of their last full length disk. Ditto of Flowers' first solo album, though Flamingo had 3 really good songs.

While Flowers is allegedly true to the Killers, he is doing another solo disk, which is out in May, called the Desired Effect. Just on paper, it has to be better than Flamingo, but I've been proven wrong before.

I like Brandon, he's like the gayest straight man out there. Mormon, but still fun and always an advocate for the gay community, even when his religion is not.

"Can't Deny My Love" is certainly pop driven. And oddly enough, his vocal is better in the below video on how he wrote the song (the video is not the link to the actual song...that is farther below). If you can stand watching the video, it gets more interesting at the 1:18 mark or so.

I'm a fan of process, so I always like to know how a song is written or how an album is recorded and even marketed. For me, that is sometimes more enjoyable than the finished product.

As for the song, except for a fumble at the 36-48 second mark, the song is great, though that 12 seconds is kind of needed to launch into the rest of the tune.

The synth rises at marks 0:48 and 1:14 (and other places) are straight out of U2's "the Unforgettable Fire".  The part of the keyboard riff that Flowers plays sound familiar to the Pet Shop Boy's own, "It's a Sin".

But it works, even for some of its repetitiveness.

I'm hopeful that the Desired Effect will be good. 2015 hasn't had a great selection of new music as of yet.

Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love


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I'm kinda digging it too.

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