Monday, March 02, 2015

My Music Monday

I'm leaving it to the hands of fate for today's My Music Monday.

The #10 song through shuffle works for me though - the Stone Temple Pilots "Big Bang Baby".

STP have had a fucked up existence with lead singer, Scott Weiland (who hails from my hometown of Chagrin Falls) and his ever present heroin addiction.

He was in the band, out of the band, in and out and then finally completely out. Or, you know, until they figure out they can probably do better on the reunion circuit and toss out their replacement vocalist.

STP, while having a following, kind of came into greater notoriety with their MVT Unplugged performance with Weiland sitting in a rocking chair singing songs like "Plush", "Vasoline" and "the Big Empty".

...and those songs were all well and good, but for me, it was always about "Big Bang Baby". It's really about the guitar and vocals on this song......though the drums help too.

...and the heroin.

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