Monday, March 23, 2015

My Music Monday

I admit, if I've read a book authored by Beryl Bainbridge I am unable to recall. I'm not sure if that says less about her writing or more about my lack of memory. Or both.

Still a song about her is on the new Mark Knopfler album, Tracker.

Well, it's kind of about her?

The lyric somewhat focuses on how she didn't win a Booker Medal until after she had died, though shortlisted for one five times in her career (yes, I had to look it up!).

The song is somewhat short and repetitive lyrics. But it is Knopfler's distinctive (if not familiar) guitar work and vocals that would make the lyrics become tertiary.

I say 'familiar' guitar work, as I swear parts of 'Beryl' has some elements of Dire Straits' "Down to the Waterline". I'm not complaining, as it's a great riff...and since the latter song is like 35 years old....few would even notice. ....but I'm not one of the 'few'.

And it is always good to hear Knopfler's voice. The song has a good almost let's put the lyrics in the background.

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