Saturday, March 21, 2015


Sophie and Petey.  Smut and Porn, respectively.  Saturdays rule!

 One of his big rest days - after another vet visit. 
At least he's good with the vet. He doesn't loathe it. 

Princess and the Pea Sophie - camped out in one of the guest rooms. 

 710 found an old holiday present for Petey. Even a sick Petey perked up when he saw that. Then took it and immediately ran to the dining room with it. 

Feeling better enough to follow me around when I'm prepping dinner. 

At least twice a day, I get a kitty cat sitting on me for pets and warmth. Usually at times where I need to be doing something else. 

Song by: Buddy Holly


anne marie in philly said...

but the cats KNOW you don't need to be doing anything else but petting/adoring them!

Bob said...

If a cat wants a lap, a cat gets a lap.

Mark in DE said...

All 3 of the dogs we've had do the same thing: when given a treat/toy they take it into a different room (away from us) to enjoy it. So funny!

Ur-spo said...

It's the cat's job to keep you still when s/he thinks you shouldn't be running around.