Monday, March 09, 2015

My Music Monday

Today's spinning wheel (man, I have not been self-inspired for a few weeks now - I blame the weather) lands on a group call Breakfast Club.

No - it was named after the movie nor vice versa.

Breakfast Club got a record deal, basically for one reason only: Madonna.

Before Madonna was Madonna, she was fucking - yes, let's call it what it was - the guitarist for the band. It's probably the only reason she got in the band - because it got into her, a few times per week, no doubt.

Yes, I know that is crass and crude. But you kind of know it to be true too.

Early in her career she "claimed" (yes, quotes) to have been the band's drummer - you know, because she had sooooo much drumming and percussion experience. I think she once played the triangle in 2nd grade - as we all did. There is one picture that exists of her behind a set of drums at this time - and so it was taken as gospel.

Even if this to be true {cough cough}, she was no Buddy Rich......or Karen Carpenter. She wasn't even a Chris Partridge, and he was basically fictional. You get what I'm saying.

Still, based on her early press stating she was more of a musician than she was, and her constantly bringing up the band, they got a fleeting glimpse of notoriety:  i.e. one album........and then an Acela ticket to Oblivion.

Even her replacement as drummer, Steven Bray, allegedly used to "date" (yes, quotes) Madonna and was co-writer on some of her songs on her second and third album. But one look at him in this video, and chances of him sleeping with "dating" any of Madonna's brothers has a higher probability.

Man, I am catty today.

I'd say it was the early days of MTV, but it kind of wasn't. 1986 (even though the video header say 1987) their only "hit" (yes, quotes....again) was released. Actually, if Wikipeida is to be believed (and why not?!), it reached #7 on the Hot 100. That would be a surprise.

It's a catchy enough - if not forgettable enough - of a song.  ....and yes, according to Wikipedia, it was remixed into a 12" single, by Jellbean Benitez - someone else Madonna used to "date".

The girl gets around. I suppose it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway at this point. Hell, even at that point.

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Fearsome Beard said...

Could that have been a Cathy Griffin cameo at the beginning?