Saturday, February 07, 2015

Visit Me

Saturday.  Pets. Pets. Pets.

Cuteness abounds.

A just washed blanket. A just walked Petey. All is good with the world. 

Sophie using me as a heating source.  Story of my life with her. 

My sister's cat, Wally. 

Petey, being a little bored with my mother. 

Actually, Petey LOVES my mother. Almost nobody gets a greeting from him the way she does. 
And he always gets the royal treatment from her. 

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anne marie in philly said...

wally is a cute kitty. were you able to rehome buddy yet?

Ur-spo said...

cuteness indeed abounds !

Mark in DE said...

I suggest renaming this post using alliteration: Absolute adorableness abounds. ;-)