Saturday, February 21, 2015

Show a Little Mercy

Another cold week. Some more pictures - all indoors. Very very few walks for Petey. Way too cold for his paws.

Miss P. Winner of the 2015 Westminster Doggie Show. 
So well behaved. Such vibrant colours. We had those once upon a time. 

On the sub-zero nights, Petey gets a blanket to snuggle in - just in case. 

Petey got to see his brother, Boomer last Sunday. 
But begging for food was more important than playing. Boomer was ready to play. 

I went out for one item at the grocery. Gone for 8 minutes. 
No remorse whatsoever. Not only that, he actually fought me for the trash as I cleaned-up. 

Miss P is well behaved. Mr. P is not. 

I hate to say it, I held a grudge for a few hours. I should have taken Tim Finn's title to heart. 

And gotta have something of Sophie. Or at least parts of her. 

Song by: Tim Finn


anne marie in philly said...

dog shaming time! ;-)

Bob said...

I'm guessing the Kitchen Attack was No Walk related.

Mark in DE said...

Miss P is beautiful, but so is Mr P. The kitchen attack is precisely why we don't trust our dogs to be 'free' while we're away! Our previous dog (a beagel) was always trying to get into the trash. Love, love, love the video of Sophie's tale!! :-)