Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Girls are Bigger Than Others

...and this girl just happens to be a phone.

I finally upgraded to the iPhone 6. I'm still coming to terms with my selection and figuring out all I need to figure out.

....story of my life.

710's iPhone 5 wouldn't really charge easily anymore, so he thought it time to upgrade. Since his work was willing to pay for his phone and monthly plan, we opted to save a little money by doing that - and he gets to keep his number, so that's good. But their plan is on a different carrier - so that was logistically challenging.

Since we were bundled in a family plan, it made sense to look at new plans for just myself and with that, the realization of a new phone.

Sure, I've played with the phones at the Apple store and they seemed nice, but unlike other other iterations, I didn't feel the need to jump to the new level immediately. Of course, I had moments of 'me want', but I resisted as I could not really justify it just to get Apple Pay and slo-mo videoing.

Here it is, two days later - my old phone backed-up, my new phone synced and ready to go.

Everything seems faster, brighter, clearer and more slippery.

But the size. Yes, guys are always about size. Bigger is better.   ....but is it?

In the store, you know for a minute or two at a time, it seemed ok and it slid into a shirt pocket easily enough, as that's how I carry my phone often.

Except the models didn't have a case. I don't either.........yet, as the Apple ones currently are f'ugly. And pricey. So I don't know avec case that the new phone will slip easily into my normal carrying mode.

The 6 Plus seemed to be out from the get-go, though I was intrigued by it. I just can't carry anything that big.

But the problem I'm currently having is grip. Partially due to the size. Partially due to how smooth and curved the phone is. Texting is no longer easy. Hell, holding the phone is no longer easy. My typos have gone up exponentially and to the point that autocorrect is going 'huh'?????

Maybe part of the problem will resolve with getting a case. I won't worry about movement and dropping the device. And the other part will resolve when I get used to the size and how to text with the new placement of everything.

Oh, I guess I still have to set-up bluetooth for the device in my car. And my Apple Pay - which I have not done, but now that our grocery store accepts Apple Pay, it seems like a no-brainer not to.

I have to figure out storage too. I backed up my old phone and actually cleared out lots of crap I didn't use and decided to start up with no pictures on my phone. But iTunes is reading the new phone as having 13G of photos - or almost 900 pics. I've never had that many images on my phone ever, so I don't know what is going on with that. Ditto with 8G of documents.

I do like the print-recognition to get into the phone without my security code. Of course, I'll have to get used to it because 91% of the time, I'm still using the code. You know - old dogs; new tricks.

And just for David: true to my Apple nature, I stayed with white. White front, silver back. 710 has the black / matte, so why confuse things. And I like the continuity.

Song by: the Smiths


Travel said...

Those of us with fat fingers, found the previous I-Phones impossible to use, I like the larger screen of my S-4, about the same size as the new I-Phone. But the S has never had the feel of the I, the slipperiness takes a couple of weeks to get use to. The S-5 has more texture. I was surprised that Apple didn't get the feel right - my guess is they will address this soon.

Fearsome Beard said...

I moved to the 6 back in December. Black matte, regular 6. It took some getting used to and to be honest I really do like the old size of the 5. I didn't need nor want bigger but got in the fever of the latest and greatest and my 5 is long gone and this six has grown on me. Thank my stars I didn't go for the plus. I like that it has 128G cause I passed 900 photos about 2000 photos ago and that doesn't count the vids. I got a temporary case until the one I wanted came in the mail, a case makes a inference in the feel but also makes the, even bigger.

Mark in DE said...

I'm looking forward to upgrading to the 6 Plus in July for its larger size. I have difficulty reading the small print on my 5 so I enlarged the font size just to be able to use it.

Good luck getting used to your new phone! I think it will take less 'work' than you expect.

Erik Rubright said...

I wish Apple would make a 6 Minus, for lack of a better name. Something the same size as the 5S, but with all the new bells and whistles. The 6 and 6 Plus are just too awkward in my hands...

Ur-spo said...

All weekend long I got signs from the gods to go get a iPhone 6. This was good reading.