Monday, February 09, 2015

My Music Monday

Those of you who know me well, know that while I would go to gay bars where there was dancing, that I rarely participated in that event.

But never say never.

Sure, with alcohol or other chemicals in me, I might be persuaded to hit the dance floor. More often than not, it was with my friend Jon, and usually to songs we knew no one else thought were fun or cool. I can remember being one of the few out there when the B-52's "Channel Z" was played at the Garage. Or Midnight Oil. Or Pig Big.

But put Pebbles or Blackbox on the turntable and we'd RUN off the floor to the bar....or Obetz.

I think I was too young for the big disco years: Donna Summer, Chic, S'Express. Even Evelyn Champagne King and Shannon were just before my time.  710 hit it...and he and his friends love(d) it. Most of my education on this music came from them.....mostly through osmosis.

Sure sure....they'd play certain selections for years after I was out, but by that time, the Columbus bars had moved on to even shittier music like Expose, Taylor Dayne and the likes. {shudder}. Overall, Columbus 1985-1992 gay bar DJ'ing was tragic. Just tragic.

But now and then.....just now and then....the deep dive disco dance stuff was essential.

I'm not too proud to say these moments were fueled by a vast amount of alcohol, but more likely than not, other substances that were ingested or administered in other ways. And almost always, these musical times were at Corbett Reynolds' Red Party or his Rudely Elegant shindigs.

There is just a time when, or if, you did Ecstasy, that the beat just took you away. It was inevitable and inescapable. Some song that might seem simple and repetative as can be, could also be the most this week's selection.

And while I don't remember dancing to Sister Sledge's "Lost in Music", I suppose anything is possible. There are many details I don't remember about these times and yet, unfortunately, many I can't seem to forget.

First off, I couldn't even tell you a song Sister Sledge did except "We Are Family". And when we heard "Lost in Music" on HBO's Looking, I still didn't know it was them.

710's first response to me was that it was Chic. And while it does have that vibe, I felt it wasn't them. Sounhound told me it was Sister Sledge, but the song was written and produced by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards from, in a way 710 nailed it.

The party in the woods scene that accompanied the "Lost in Music" sequence on the show was well done. While I never did go to a party in the woods, the vibe was similar to what one would experience at a circuit party. ...and the bass line and entire rhythm section just kind of flooded my memory of drug filled nights early mornings.

....but in a good way. So all those years of abusing my body with drugs wasn't all bad.


Erik Rubright said...

Aww... "Channel Z".

Brett said...

ha! Good choice....we've been playing that version quite frequently since that episode aired.