Monday, February 02, 2015

My Music Monday

It's Groundhog Day.

I have no songs with those varmints attached. And I could do a song about Winter or Spring, but......nah.

And I have a few 'shadow' I thought I'd go with that.

I'm going with "Shadows of the Night".  Two versions, actually.

Rachel Sweet put out her version in 1981, months before Pat Benatar's 1982 recording.

Sweet's recording was never a single, and Benatar's became a huge radio and MTV hit.

Maybe it is because I knew of Sweet's version first and was more familiar with it, but I always enjoyed her take on it more than Pat's.

In both versions, the recording artist added lyrics and got songwriting credit. Neither of them wrote the majority of the tune. Pat runs 'with' the shadows. Rachael runs 'through' them.

I have seen this scenario afterwards too. Both Susanna Hoffs and Cyndi Lauper recorded a song called "Unconditional Love". For the 500+ times I've listened to both of those versions, I don't hear one change in lyric. They seem identical, yet both got songwriting credits (on their own albums) for 'additional lyrics'. Maybe both changed the same fucking word - ya got me.

Both songs have their plusses and minuses. I always thought Benatar's was way over produced. I can do without the ever present 80s saxophone on Sweet's. They each sing their own harmony. But when it comes down to it, I'll let Sweet's play through while I might hit 'skip' on Benatar's.

Rachel Sweet - 'Shadows of the Night'

Pat Benatar - 'Shadows of the Night'

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