Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fur Elise

Petey Porn, Sophie Smut and a little bit of Buddy thrown in this week.

It was a cold week. He was gonna stay comfortable at all costs. 

He has to have the blanket for many reasons - mostly comfort. But lately he has been a snot factory, so have to protect the cushions too. 

Can I haz rest of your milk? - says both of them. 

I love his perky ears. 

Petey and his new buddy, Boo-Boo. (yeah, I know). 

Boo-Boo belongs to our new gay neighbors. So new, they moved in only four days ago. This is Boo-Boo's introduction to snow. He was a Florida dog. 

Buddy, the adventurous. 

My mom will complain about her: 3.5 mos old vs an 86 year old. But then she purposefully puts up the radio antenna so Buddy can play / destroy stuff. 

While my mother is going to get Buddy fixed and declawed (ruining my mom's stuff....and hand and feet), I fear her time with my mother is limited. We might end up with a new cat sooner than later. I'm worried and excited for that. We have a great balance now - I'm not sure how Sophie would do with a kitten. Petey won't care one little bit. 

Song by: Beethoven


anne marie in philly said...

one of my fave beethoven compositions! mainly due to "a charlie brown xmas".

you would have to introduce buddy to sophie gradually. it took nyla (sophie's twin) about 4 months to warm up to gigi (almost buddy's twin). nyla is 7, gigi is 3. now they play together.

handsome petey is always cute.

Anonymous said...

Please don't declaw Buddy!

Ur-spo said...

I always enjoy hearing about your pets.

Mark in DE said...

Speaking of Petey's ears, have you ever felt them? Aren't they soft like velvet? Our beagle had the softest ears. I would occasionally feel them, which she tolerated for a little while, and then would shake her entire head to let me know I was done.