Saturday, January 10, 2015


It's animal day.

Still too cold for doggies to go out - and well, the kitties too, be it ours, my mother's or sister's, they are indoor cats anyways.

the nose of Space Shuttle Atlantis

Buddy - being somewhat still for all of 0.03 seconds. 
My nephew is in the background


I suppose he can stay, says Soph

My sister, who cleans her entire house at least once per day, somehow allows her daughter's cat, Pippa, to lounge on the counters. Ick. 

No peace. It used to be only Sophie bothered me when I was in the bathroom. Now.....Petey is in on the action. They are a needy bunch. 

Song by: Clannad


anne marie in philly said...

our furkids need us! nice collection this week, blobby!

Erik Rubright said...

So many kittehs! :)

Bob said...

I can't with Buddy's face. it's just so adorable.

Ur-spo said...

cats on the shelves - isn't this unavoidable?

Mark in DE said...

Great pics! I especially like the last one of Petey. :-) Like you, I think animals on the counters is icky.