Wednesday, January 28, 2015

App of the Month

I think I've made it fairly clear over the years here, that as child - or an adult - I've never purchased and never remember reading a comic book.

They were not my thing.

I mean, I had all the Calvin & Hobbes books (and now the big-ass anthology). And I was a huge fan of the Far Side (no one has yet bought be that big-ass anthology).

Still, I think we're talking about the serials: Batman, Fantastic Four, Archie, Spider-Man, Richie Rich, Caspar (who was just a posthumous Richie Rich) know....those kind of comics.

The only reason I downloaded the Comic Book app, was that it was discounted from $2.99 to free, thanks to a Starbucks pick of the week download from iTunes.

Like many iTunes apps that aren't Words With Friends or how to find the closest bathroom, I'm not sure what this is truly good for - especially for three bucks.

I get that with your Flickr, Facebook or camera pics, you can make your own comic strip / book.

I don't think I'm that much right-brained. I'm not creative enough (or care enough) to develop something on this level - even if all I have to do it search photos. I certainly couldn't draw a thing.

Ugh - and then you have to have a story to tie to the pictures.

I get in real comic books, you probably have the story first. And I suppose you could here too, but then you'd have to find or take corresponding images and then manipulate them for your comic.

It seems like a lot of work. And I'm a lot of lazy.

Oh, you get a page layout with so many frames per page. You get to eight or so options to modify the look, and then with each of those, color, tone and lighting adjustments.

Of course you can put in thought bubbles or dialogue boxes too.

And then there are the myriad of enhancements. Glasses, hair, clothing, body parts, etc. Naturally, you get only so many for free. There are other selections - but they'll cost you.

Notice my new eye protection and Petey's halo....since he is kind of a good boy.

I only played around with it a little. Like I said, I can't imagine doing anything with it per se. And soon enough I'll probably just delete it altogether (insert your Airplane line now!).

Again, I'm not creative nor into comic books, so I would have never spent $2.99 on this (and there are more expensive editions as well), but for those who are into this, you might like it. Since I'm a guy, I read none of the instructions so I found it fairly intuitive to use....but something baffled me.

That would bother me if I thought I'd use this app......but I can't see a need other than creating profile pictures for Facebook.

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Erik Rubright said...

I had this installed on my iPhone at some point in time, I think way back when I had a 3GS. I think I played with it a few times, then... "delete". I thought it might be good for 5 year olds.