Saturday, January 03, 2015

Kiss Me

I won't say today's Petey Porn is uninspired, but with the holidays {and drinking most of this last week} and travel and not knowing exactly what day is what {oddly, not due to the drinking.....entirely}, I just have been bad about taking new pics of the kids.

Still, we'll make a go of it, but I'm not thinking they'll be off the charts cute.

Petey with his holiday bone.  He devoured it in 7 minutes. Tops. 

Getting some Sophie love. 

710 playing 'string' with Buddy. 

Wanting to give Teddy love. Teddy hoping I had food. I didn't. Just pets and kisses. 
He wasn't so interested in that. Story of my life

Song by: the Lovemeakers


anne marie in philly said...

7 minutes? too fast! the rest are "awwwwww" worthy!

Mark in DE said...

Sufficient cuteness; worry not. ;-)

Ur-spo said...

oh what lovely pets!

I used to own schaunzers who snarfed everything down as soon as possible. Harper chews away at things over long periods of time, which I find puzzling. I thought all dogs did the 7 minute routine.