Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Safe Upon the Shore

Well, it's not a great video, but it is long.  (make your own penis joke now.)

Snippets of the time in Maine with very little cohesion to the video process.  In theory I could have mapped it out more and done more filming, but you know.....it's vacation.  I couldn't be bothered all that much.

Also, it's hard to edit when you're the director, cameraman, writer and star.  Ego. Ego. Ego.

Anyhoo....there's no real narrative.  No protagonist (unless you count me).  No antagonist (unless you count the Atlantic - or 710's thumb).  No story arc, no true resolution. Enemies don't be come friends, friends don't become enemies.

It's me, a camera and shoreline.  ...and for three sequences, 710 as my cameraman.

I apologize in advance of possibly wasting seven minutes of your life.


Song by:  Great Big Sea


wcs said...

I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

Only 9 more seconds and your movie length would have been, wait for it, 7:10.

Birdie said...

Hey, disco boy, where's the music? Even in the heat of summer further south, the Atlantic is just too dang cold. Give me the warm Gulf any time (except August, when it's the same temp as the air. Ugh.)

Have you ever been up to Bar Harbor? I LOVE that area. It's been decades since I've been there. I wonder how much it has changed.

Erik Rubright said...

The first dance club to beach cut in was... awesomely perfect.

And 710's finger(?) was obscuring a small portion of the sky view.