Monday, July 15, 2013

My Music Monday

I won't say this is a "joke" post, but I would say it is not a real song release.

In 1978, the Atlanta Rhythm Section released a song, "Imaginary Lover".  It was a modest hit, I would say. Morty could tell you chart position.

Legend has it that disc jockey at a radio station played the Lp version at 45 instead of at a 33 1/3, and people wondered when Fleetwood Mac recorded a cover version.

News of the song sounding like Stevie Nicks singing lead vocal got back to Nicks herself.  Legend also has it, that as the band was determining what songs to record for what would eventually become the album Tusk, Nicks slipped the sped-up version as one of her demos to the band and at least Christine McVie really liked it.

I was never fan enough of ARS to actually purchase a full-length disk, but I did buy the 45.

As it turns out, moving it from 45 to 78 did not have the same effect.  However, if you manually rotated the turntable, you could get it to the desired speed to have that Stevie Nicks sound.

Many years later, someone did bother to upload this to Napster - where I snagged it.

Yes, some parts do sound like Stevie Nicks, but some parts it is a stretch.  Oddly enough, the sped up music (not vocal) aren't too bad. It's not quite as slow as the ARS, obviously, but for the new "vocalist" the change in tempo kind of works.

Oh.  Coming home from dinner at my parent's house last night, we heard the original "Imaginary Lover" - which is why you're getting the faux version now.

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