Monday, July 22, 2013

My Music Monday

While driving home on Saturday, I totally considered doing a month's worth of '80s music, since it was evening and XM's New Wave channel has their 'dance mix' night.

Though the songs are usually good, the actual way they segue the songs, or the mixes that they pick, are questionable at best. Yet clearly, it put '80s on my mind.

But at least for a week, you get a reprieve from that.  Thank g-d for shiny object to distract me.  ...and who the hell knows what will happen between now and next Monday.

So earlier Saturday, on the way to yoga (that was cancelled, everyone knew it but myself and one other person!), I was on another XM station, 'alt nation' when I heard another song:  Cayucas' "High School Lover".

At least on the drive, it seemed interesting enough - kind of a Beach Boys (when they were good) meets Beck (when he was good).

On second listen, when I got home - it's still not bad, but then started resembling Peter Bjorn and John. I used to like PBJ, but after that awful show (which I think is still on) Two Broke Girls used their "Second Chance" for the theme, I cringe hearing the tune.

So now, all I hear when playing "High School Lover" is Peter Bjorn and John.  Before I ever got a chance to like the song, I'm already turned off.

I should have left it with the comparison or Beach Boys and Beck.


Erik Rubright said...

It's scary to know we listen to the same channels on SXM. ;-)

I always thought this song sounded like Beck, but a Beck you could totally understand without a Becktionary.

rebecca said...

What IS Beck doing these days? I miss Beck.