Tuesday, July 30, 2013

App of the Month

I'm actually reviewing an app that hasn't even yet been released.

I. Am. THAT. Good.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out all that is wrong with an app called "Leftover Swap".

You get, give or exchange leftovers.

Now, I have a friend, Christine, who at least before she had kids, threw away anything leftover from dinner because she and her husband didn't believe in leftovers. That was a little extreme to me.  I am thinking she might have changed her tune on that now that she has three children.

710 and I are fine with leftovers - either as is, or to repurpose them into new meals.  You know how leftover steak can then be a steak salad or you make chicken hash from leftover chicken boobies, or something a day or two after the initial meal.  It beats throwing it away.

But exchanging leftovers with strangers?

I might be ok with giving stuff away, but in-take?  Noooooooo thank you.

I like to know ingredients and how things are prepared.  Oh - and I really want to know how long that food has been around and how it has been stored.

More disturbing is the claim of not letting restaurant portions go to waste.

You mean, food that has been sitting on someone's plate that they have invariably touched over and over during the course of the meal - was prepared by someone else, served by yet another person and possibly boxed up by yet a third individual?

I'm not a germaphobe but, ick!


I have no idea if the app will be free of charge, but it should be.  Ya gotta believe the audience for this is limited, and clearly cheap if they're eating other people's leftovers.

I shant be downloading this one.

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