Monday, July 08, 2013

My Music Monday

I thought about doing the Go-Go's "Vacation", but then I realized it's a fun song for about half of it's three minute running time - and then I just get bored with it.

Oh - and their video for the song SUCKS.

...and since the gals kicked the most talented actual musician out of the band, Kathy Valentine, I thought about using her "I Guess We Just Don't Get Along".

So I scrapped that and went with a No Doubt song, only because I don't think I've used them in the past.  I have used the Go-Go's.

I don't know how they do now (since I think they scrapped their last tour because their last album tanked), but when we saw them back in the last '90s (yes, I just said that), they were a LOUD band, but a great live performance.

That was still for the Tragic Kingdom tour, though they threw new songs in.

"A Simple Kind of Life" is a song of steady means, that builds, but only slightly.   ...and it takes a break from many of their songs that are based in ska routes.

Poor Gavin Rossdale - he and Gwen Stefani were only dating at the time, but it sounded like she wanted to trap him, if the song is based in any kind of reality.  Well, since his band, Bush, and solo career didn't rally pan out, the man needed a meal ticket.

I'm guessing the song dates back to 1999 or 2000 - as I snagged it off Napster in its original iteration.


Unknown said...

I actually know the video better than the song. I remembered the wedding dress after. It's funny how much music really has come and gone actually.

Erik Rubright said...

Always been a No Doubt fan, although I prefer their older music to the newer. I guess everyone has to experiment with their sound.