Sunday, July 28, 2013


With my soapbox yesterday on vodka, I forgot that Saturday is normally Petey Porn Day.  My bad.

But I suppose one could look at doggie porn every or any day.  Since it is a weekend, and I'm downright lazy, today is Petey Porn Day.

Honestly, the toughest thing is coming up with the post title.

Grandma giving Petey a treat last weekend.  It was my sister's b-day and her present from us was bringing Petey to her house for dinner.  The ribbon comes off a Lillian Pulitzer box - a present from mother to daughter.  I put it on Petey - as my present was better. 

Honest, he's not pooping. He was enjoying the cool of the ground cover on a hot day earlier this week. Hell, I wish he'd go in there to do his bidness. But no - he'll hold it until he gets a walk. 

Dinner time.  Ours.  Not theirs.  One big beggar and one hanger-on. 

I will follow him. Follow him wherever he may go.........

Hell, I even created a new tag to dedicate just to Petey Porn - though Sophie is clearly a part of the picture.

Until next week.............

Song by:  the Cure


anne marie in philly said...

"please give us a treat, daddy!"

Ur-spo said...

for Petey -