Thursday, March 29, 2012

(It's Just) Talk

As you might remember, we are still doing construction / renovation on our master bath, dressing room and now, a little unexpectedly, our master bedroom.

The majority of the work ends today - all that will be left to do is redoing the hardwood floors in the bedroom. This was not in the plan, that is until they pulled up the carpeting and we found really nice floors underneath.

Yes, they need a little work, but it will still be slightly cheaper than the new carpet we ordered (and that I cancelled).  So, that gets done in two weeks.  Two more weeks of living in the guest room, but at least we can defecate in the new bathroom.

Anyhoo.....the post was really about Sophie's prison term coming to an end. She's on house arrest up on my office, where she'll pound on the door to get out, rub her fur across my face as she walks by 4.817 times or just sits in front of my keyboard so I can't work.

Or, she'll just sit and yell at me.  ...and yell....and yell.....and yell some more.

This is actually a good day. She can be much louder. MUCH.

You would have actually heard her go pound on the door and bay like a hound, had it not been for my sister calling at the 41 second mark.  I didn't know that would automatically shut down the video  But it does.

I get mock frustrated at her.  I can never stay mad at her, but it can wear on the nerves a little bit.

Song by: Pat Metheny Group


Erik Rubright said...


She probably misses all the presents she has hidden for herself around the rest of the house.

Cubby said...

Hey, your name was just mentioned on Jeopardy tonight. It made me laugh.

Ur-spo said...

poor cat.