Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring and All

I took a walk yesterday evening, and fuck, it was 75 degrees!!!

Global warming be damned, I'll take an early Spring.  I'll take any Spring.  The last decade we've gone from wet soggy cold to blazing hot with little in between.

But Cleveland racked up it's warmest Winter on record, and I'm ok  with that too - as you know how cold I get. So if all Winters could be like this, I'd survive up here. Alas, we know it was a fluke.

Just like this Spring. My sister thinks we have one more snow.  I don't.  I don't doubt it will go back to the 40s here and there, but these days of 70s and 80s are pretty frickin' sweet.

I love sleeping with the window open and the comforter off.  It seems exxxxtra special in March.  Usually the storm windows are still in place......until mid-May.

And flowers. Everything is on the way to blooming early. Tulips are pushing up, the maples are budding, magnolias are out, you name it.  Oh and the deer are back.  Three huge ones could have trampled me to death as I was picking up twigs and branches in the yard on Sunday.  Spring is usually the time we see the babies, but two of these seemed like they should have a ball cap on and a whistle around their neck.

I swear I feel bad for the polars bears and their lack of ice caps. I'm just not sure I feel bad enough.

Song by:  Mary Chapin Carpenter

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Cubby said...

When reading this I envisioned you in drag on a mountain top singing "the hills are alive...!" Tell the truth, you want to do it, don't you?