Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sign of Love

By and large airports are the same:  ticket counters, security screenings, bathroom stalls that you can't maneuver your luggage in and out of, Hudson News, shitty food selections and never enough places to charge a phone or laptop.

Some terminals are scummier than others (LaGuardia is worse than most bus terminals).  Some have better flow or light (Denver). Some have horrid on-time records or security checkpoints (Philadelphia, Chicago).  National has the best ground transport - the Metro!

So it is rare to go to an airport that is not only nice, but doesn't have any of those other negatives. San Jose airport is one of those.  The new terminal at SJC is nicely done with some of the best (not great) food options, good light and flow, easy security even at their most busiest and if you know where to look, decent recharging places.

Even the architecture of the new Terminal B is nice to view.  The above image is not that building.

The image you see is actually the exterior side of their rental car return and parking garage.  It is double what you can see, I just didn't have the means to get an entire shot.

I've seen it before, but I always double take when I come back to return my car.  You don't see it as you leave with your rental. This time, I had time to kill after dropping off my car, so I went about a way to get a snap.  It wasn't easy.

I had to cross a four lane road that had no pedestrian access. I had to leave my luggage and laptop hidden in a corner of the parking garage. I had to dodge on-coming traffic of said four lanes and then stand in what looked like protected wildlife.

Totally worth it.

Nothing got stolen, no one was injured (meaning me!), no multi-car pile-ups as I zipped to and fro and best yet, I wasn't arrested for what I am sure was breaking a few rules and regulations of leaving bags unattended and trespassing.

I can work my way through most of the ASL alphabet and know one or two signs themselves, but if this mural (?) is actually signing / saying anything, I am unaware. Even if it is not,  I love it.

It is a covering of some sort of mesh that hangs from the top of the building.  I love when utilitarian structures become art - they change the landscape, literally and figuratively. They change your experience - and that can be important if you spend a good amount of time in airports.

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Birdie said...

That really is very cool. Anything to make urban landscape a place of beauty is worthy of a compliment. It's not easy to warm up concrete block.

Anonymous said...

I googled. There are 54 hands from residents of Silicon Valley waving hello/goodbye and is supposed reflect diversity. It's 1200 feet long. Here are the links with some great pics although your's is better because you took it.

cb said...

If you have an iPhone (and you should) get the 360 photo app-- lets you take panoramic shots and stitches them together.

Ur-spo said...

It is nice to know airports can still be pleasant, and not just cattle pens.