Wednesday, March 21, 2012

State of the Art

I don't have much. I mean, how can I top video-me?

My friend Hillel sent me this pic, which I loved and he knew I would love.  ...and he was correct.

Oddly, it was taken and sent to him by a woman he sublet his NYC apartment to some 15 years back. He's originally from and is currently back in Los Angeles, but I find it amusing he still is in contact with someone he sublet his place to almost two decades back.  Maybe he still owns it, and maybe she still lives there. I didn't really think of that.

But Hillel is in L.A. and is, as they say, "in the business".  I know what you're thinking - a Jew in Hollywood??  unheard of!  But it's true. Crazy!

I love the fish-eye lens, and I really love the saying. I'm a big fan of art and am a huge proponent of the 'eh'.

Of course, I wouldn't use it with out his permission, even though technically it is not his image. If he wants to let his friend/tenant know,  I'm good with it.

Song by: Gotye


BosGuy said...

Doesn't he mean "Meh"... not "eh"?

Oh dear, now I've turned into an art critic. Nobody likes them so I'll just stop now.


Erik Rubright said...

"Meh" would mean it would be "Mearth". Which would be Mork and Mindy's kid, if I remember correctly.

Which also seems appropriate.